January 27 - 29, 2019
Hyatt Regency - Mission Bay, San Diego, CA

Stephen Marasco

Head of Enterprise Modeling

3:20 PM Panel Discussion: Demonstrating ROI To Your Stakeholders In Terms They Can Relate To

While there is definite buy in to the concept of a data driven culture, being able to clearly demonstrate the ROI of specific projects and initiatives remains as important and difficult as ever.  In today’s environment it isn’t just an increase in revenue.  Hear how these data leaders have shown the savings from data driven operational changes and how they measure and convey the value of increased employee production derived from modelling. 

•How to communicate the value of  new projects
•How to establish the value of data driven decisions
•How to attribute cost savings to new initiatives

8:45 AM Panel Discussion: Raising Unicorns - Strategies for Talent Acquisition, Development and Retention

The war for talent is very real within the data and analytics space.  The significant shortage of experienced talent makes finding candidates with the right skills and experiences a rare thing indeed.  When you do find that rare person, the development and retention strategies must be properly defined  and well executed or the talent you do manage to get in the front door will quickly walk right out the back door.
Join this discussion to learn about innovative and creative strategies that are being used to build effective data and analytics organizations

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Stephen.

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